GetResponse vs SendinBlue: If you’re confused about which one to choose to grow your online business then this article can be proven helpful to you. Your business growth and sales directly depend on real-time traffic. Nowadays, email marketing is a popular and beneficial strategy to generate traffic for any business. However, you can find out a lot of platforms for email marketing. That’s why it is quite normal to be confused with what to choose. Among too many platforms, there is a big competition between GetResponse vs Sendinblue.

Both options have some advantages and drawbacks. So, we’re here to give a solid review about Sendinblue and GetResponse. From this article, you can learn the big differences between the two platforms. We hope you will find out the best one for your business marketing strategy. Therefore, without wasting time, go into a deep discussion!

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What are email marketing and its usefulness for your business?

To grow and proclaim your business faster, using emails is called email marketing. At present, email marketing is becoming more popular for developing business plans. You can reach your customers easily and legally through email marketing. Also, email marketing automation is the best way to know the actual audiences. Moreover, you can increase your sales two to four times more by email marketing.

Benefits of email marketing:

You can get thousands of benefits from utilizing email marketing. We present here the most effective advantages.

  •       Real-time traffic: As email marketing is a verified process, you will only get the real audiences. You can divide your customers as active and no active members through email marketing.
  •       Designing facility: Email marketing allows designing your campaign’s outlook according to your idea. Also, you can add more graphics to attract your audiences.
  •       Affordable: Among the other marketing policies, email marketing is quite cost-efficient. So, you can use it within your budget.
  •       Time saver: Time is the most precious thing to consider in business. You don’t have to take tension with your time with email marketing. Your marketing will grow faster.
  •       Customer-friendly: Customers can join and check the emails according to their time. That’s an effective way to engage your audiences in your business.

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What are autoresponders and automation?

Email autoresponder means customers will get emails automatically via a program. It is also familiar as a call to action. For example, if a customer subscribes to your website, a program will automatically send that customer a welcome email. Autoresponder allows you to switch your site visitor into a regular customer.

Besides, email marketing automation has all the features of an email autoresponder. However, email automation can track and monitor the audiences that help you make the right decision. For this feature, marketing automation doesn’t need an intervention. That’s why your email will plan perfectly according to your goals.

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Comparison Table of Sendinblue and GetResponse:

We will discuss in-depth the differences between Sendinblue and GetResponse. However, you can glance and get an idea if you have a time shortage.

Service Features Sendinblue GetResponse
1. Webinar Hosting No Yes
2. Landing page building Yes Yes
3. Split testing Yes Yes
4. Conversion funnels No Yes
5. Autoresponder Yes Yes
6. Automation   No Yes
7. Segmentation Yes Yes
8. Template library Yes Yes
9. Social media ads   No Yes
10. Mobile phone support Yes   No
11. Tools for eCommerce   No Yes
12. Subscription forms Yes Yes
13. Email editor Yes Yes
14. Live chat Yes Yes
15. Integrations Yes Yes
16. Built-in image editor   No Yes
17. Email marketing Yes Yes
18. Field customization   No Yes
19. Score of engagement   No Yes
20. Web push informing   No Yes
21. Live chat support 24/7 hours   No Yes
22. SMS marketing Yes   No
23. Link click heat map for emails Yes Yes


GetResponse vs Sendinblue Review:



  1. Webinar hosting facility: You will get the full effective webinar hosting tool in the GetResponse.
  2. Landing page building: GetResponse also gives the services for landing page building. To use their landing pages, you need to drag and drop to edit your landing pages. Again, you can use this platform as an analytical tool. GetResponse analytics like google analytical tools. For this reason, SEO optimization becomes easy through this platform.
  3. A/B or split testing: GetResponse serves A/B testing more specifically than Sendinblue. With GetResponse, you can easily test your landing pages, colors, images, and other elements’ design. So, if you want to get more specific testing, choose GetResponse without any worrying!
  4. Conversion funnels opportunity: Conversion funnels are available in GetResponse. They have a library of conversion funnels. You can choose any templates and edit them according to your need.
  5. Email autoresponder: You can make an email autoresponder automatically. It is available with the calendar monitoring feature in the GetResponse platform.
  6. Email automation: GetResponse has an unlimited and amazing email automation feature. You will get complete templates to automate services.
  7. Marketing segmentation: By calculating the engagement scores, GetResponse provides perfect marketing segmentation.
  8. Customer support: You have a great opportunity of 24/7 hours audience support with GetResponse. With eight different languages, this platform serves its customers.
  9. Social media ads: GetResponse can advertise your services on a few social media platforms. You can use GetResponse for Facebook and Google advertisements.
  10. Template library: With GetResponse, you can use up to 500 well-designed email templates for your business marketing.
  11. Android and iPhone support: GetResponse does not support android and iPhones.
  12. Buying cost: GetResponse designs for almost all businesses and organizations will get an affordable price for all the plans.

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  1. Webinar hosting facility: Webinar hosting tools do not exist in Sendinblue.
  2. Landing page building: A landing page is significant for developing your business sales. Generally, a website contains a lot of information about your services. That’s why it can be responsible for customers’ distraction from your services. However, landing pages are created for selling only one service. You can put the necessary product details on a landing page to convince your audiences. Sendinblue gives you the opportunity of using landing pages. Also, there have been a thousand templates for landing pages. You have to put your information correctly.
  3. A/B or split testing: Split testing or A/B testing is necessary for your business to grow. There are many elements and directions to lead a service in any industry. Your services become successful when you can know the lacking of that service. Sendinblue has this A/B testing feature to test only your workflows. However, you can’t try more specifically with this platform.
  4. Conversion funnels opportunity: Sendinblue doesn’t have this feature to create conversion funnels.
  5. Email autoresponder: With Sendinblue, you can make an email autoresponder for your service. Email autoresponder service is manual in Sendinblue.
  6. Email automation: You will get email automation facilities in Sendinblue. However, there are limited templates and workflows to automate your services to your customer. Also, SMS marketing is available on this platform.
  7. Marketing segmentation: Though Sendinblue gives the service of marketing segmentation, it can’t find out the engagement scores of your website.
  8. Customer support: You will get the customer support feature in Sendinblue only paid versions.
  9. Social media ads: Sendinblue will not allow you for social media advertising like Facebook ads.
  10. Template library: In Sendinblue, you will get only 60 ready-made email templates.
  11. Android and iPhone support: Android and iPhone supports are available on this platform.
  12. Buying cost: Sendinblue has different pricing for different types of users including free plans.

Which one to choose to grow my business? GetResponse vs SendinBlue

After reading all the features of both platforms, now you can choose the right one for your business. However, we want to clear this concept also. If you have an extra-large business and your goals are quite big, go for GetResponse. You will get complete online marketing services through this company. On the other hand, for large or small business plans, you can choose Sendinblue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is GetResponse good for email marketing?

Answer: GetResponse provides more facilities than any other email marketing platform. You can easily send your business campaigns, automation, webinar, welcome emails, and much more through GetResponse.

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2. What does Requeue mean in Sendinblue?

Answer: When an audience doesn’t receive a campaign, it needs to send the campaign email again to that audience. Here comes the concept of “Requeue” in Sendinblue. You’ve to send the campaign email manually through the Requeue.

3. How many emails can I send in Sendinblue?

Answer: You can send only 300 emails per day on the free plan. However, in paid ones, you can send up to 100 emails.

Final Thoughts – GetResponse vs SendinBlue

If you’re involved in any business, you must take marketing actions through emails. Emails have the power to attract your customer faster with the cheapest cost. For engaging your audiences with your product or services, email marketing follows up many strategies.

Automation, autoresponder, newsletter subscription, etc., are the most common services for email marketing. GetResponse and Sendinblue have served customers for years. Both are good for specific business goals. Therefore, you have to choose the right one from GetResponse vs. Sendinblue.